I know that two week break ending up being alot longer than I thought. I am still around, and I am working on some new cars for next season so be sure to check back as I will try to get some 2014's posted before too long. Thanks for continuing to visit! -Nascarn 11/17/13

Thanks to the skilled BlackSabbath24 I have 11 new cars to post today. They are the #1a, 5a, all four 11's, 18a, 29a, 39a and b and the #43. With that the full set for the year should finally be completed. Sorry about the lack of posting recently, been super busy planning a wedding. I will actually be gone for the next 2 weeks away getting married and honeymoon time but I do have a few more cars I am working on that I will post when I get back. I hope everyone enjoys the new cars from Sabbath as much as I do and I'll see you all in a few weeks! - Nascarn 05/01/12

I have a small update today, just 2 new cars. I have added the #23 and the #32 Federated Auto Parts cars to the Sprint section. Enjoy the new cars and stop by again! - Nascarn 04/06/12 *Do not repost without permission*

I have a good size update today, just not alot of variety. I have added 10 more cars to the Sprint series including rereleases of the 83 and 93 with new numbers and Dr Pepper decals. I have also added 5 more to the Nationwide section. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the new cars! -Nascarn 03/24/12

Have 3 more Sprint Cup cars today, all from Blacksabbath24. They are the #26, 47 and 99 Fastenal cars. Just have the #11 and 43 to go now. We both have some more cars in the works so be sure to stop by again! Thanks for visiting - Nascarn 03/16/12

Have a decent update today. I have added the #38 and 49 cars to the N3 2012 Sprint Cup section. We are now just 4 teams shy of a full set. I have also added a Nationwide section with 6 new 2012 cars. I hope everyone enjoys the new cars and thank you for stopping by! Wouldn't be a site without you. -Nascarn 03/10/12

A fairly small update today. I was able to add the #33, 51 and 87 to the 2012 cup section. We are now just a few short of a full set. I hope to add a new section in the near future as well, possibly by the next update, I will let you know what it is when I add it. Thanks for stopping by everyone and hopefully you all enjoy the cars! -Nascarn 03/03/12

Just a quick update. I was able to finish off the #83 and 93 cars as well as the #30. All have been added to the N3 Sprint cup 2012 section. We are only 10 short of a full set, and hopefully sabbath and myself will have enough time to finish them off this week. Enjoy the cars and the 500! - Nascarn 02/26/12

2012 Sprint Cup/Nationwide Update04/06/12

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